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11 Unique Christmas Gifts for Travelers

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for those who are always chasing new adventures. Here's a list of perfect Christmas gift ideas for that person you know with an insatiable wanderlust!

someone holds a white wrapped gift between their hands. It's tied with twine and a pine cone is on top of it, as well as layered all over a table.

✨🎄 Necessary Christmas Gifts for Travelers🎄✨

There's the ongoing meme about kids getting so disappointed after getting socks as a Christmas gift. But as an adult and as a traveler, necessary gifts are more of a joy than anything else.

It still might seem impersonal to get someone such practical gifts, but the truth is there are so many ways to add a touch of personalization to it so your loved one can have comfort AND something they can adore.

Here's a list of necessary but also special Christmas gifts for travelers:

1. Bucket List water bottle

This one is DEFINITELY on my Christmas list this year.

All travelers need a water bottle to stay hydrated and not have to pay absurd amounts on plastic bottles at the airport. Just recently, Wondery Outdoors just released one that is one of the most perfect Christmas gifts for travelers.

Their bucket list water bottles are come with pre-made outlines of destinations across the world and stickers to place over them when once you cross them off your bucket list. There are so many variations to choose from, from "The World Destinations" to "My Favorite Day Hikes" bucket list bottles. They are adorable and practical gifts for people who loves to chase new places, and it will certainly make the traveler in your life grateful each time they take a sip.

(courtesy of @Wonderyoutdoors)

2. Customized Neck Pillow

The neck pillow is something that I never justified for myself. It's something that you often see people carrying around in the airport and you might think, "that would be nice to have!" but then your stinginess takes over and you decide to tough it out. But as someone who has spent a good chunk of her life on planes, it has absolutely changed the travel game once someone gifted it to me.

The great thing is that there are so many to choose from on Amazon, you can get a customized one that speaks directly to the heart of your traveler. It's a thoughtful gesture and will certainly make those endless plane, train, or car trips a tad bit more enjoyable and cozy for your loved one. Plus -they'll be sure to think of you each time they rest their head on that pillow!

3. Adorable Travel Sized Bottles and Makeup Bags

Another important get widely overlooked travel commodity. When on long trips, my skin used to break out intensely because I never put in the effort to bring my own skin care products. When I started using tiny bottles to fit all my creams in, I noticed such a difference both in my skin and my peace of mind.

It doesn't have to be a basic looking gift either, there are so many adorable options to customize it like this Amazon listing here!

4. Customized Travel Tags

When your suitcase looks like every single other suitcase coming off of the conveyor belt, it can be an annoying process to discern and grab yours. That's the importance of customized travel tags. It'll help your suitcase stand out against the sea of black bags at the airport. Plus, it's an adorable way to add personality to your luggage!

I got my travel tags as a Christmas gift a few years ago, complete with my name and phone number in case it gets lost. It's honestly been a relief to know that it'll be easier for my suitcase to get back to me if it gets lost, and it's a nice touch of personality.

someone reading an open book on a white bed with a white rose and a cup of coffee

5. Reading Light

Every book-loving traveler has experienced that moment on a long flight when they really

want to read a book but they're too afraid to turn on the headlight because it's so bright and might disturb their neighbors (unless you have no anxiety, good for you!). But a reading light is one of those perfect, easy gifts for travelers who love to cozy up with a novel.

✨🎄Unique Christmas Gifts for Travelers🎄

If you're looking for really niche, irreplaceable gifts for travelers, the following list is for you.

6. "Travel Challenges" Card Deck

For that person in your life who is always looking for a new adventure to embark on, this "travel challenges" deck of cards is certain to add spice to their journeys. Each card has a new adventure challenge over a broad range of activities, from "learn a local craft" to "no technology day".

Their website offers multiple versions of the deck of cards, from couples edition to van life edition. No matter the type of adventurer, Travel Challenges cards has the perfect deck that makes perfect gifts for travelers.

a person grabbing a card out of a deck labeled "travel challenges", from a person holding it with two hands. They are doing it over a wooden table with a coffee on it.

7. Hand Warmers

I love the snow, but I would certainly enjoy it a lot more when I have something to keep my hands warm.

The day of a winter traveler, mountain trekker, or Nordic explorer would certainly improve with a portable hand warmer. It's a perfect, hand-held gift to warm up the fingers of that cold-chasing traveler in your life and make them feel cozy, like they're holding a cup of hot chocolate.

8. Travel Stickers

A green suitcase covered in many stickers from different destinations, which are great gifts for travelers. The suitcase sits on the edge of an old train station where grass grows over what used to be the train tracks.
my stickered suitcase from a few years ago!

One of my little passions is that each time I go to a new place, I MUST buy a local sticker there. Each one I collect and place on my suitcase so it kind of turns into an adorable memory book.

For that someone in your life who loves to decorate their computers, water-bottles, scrapbooks, and more, travel themed stickers would make such an adorable gift. There are so many options on places like Etsy and Redbubble, where you can get them individual or packets of stickers of their favorite place,

9. Travel Journal

A travel journal might as well be under the "necessities" section. A travel journal, to my opinion, is one of the most important things to bring along with you. By writing in it, you learn so many things about yourself; how you adapt to new places, what kind of things you enjoy about traveling; your airport stress management skills... It's also a wonderful way to write down details about your trip that you have forgotten otherwise.

Sometimes, I'll look back into my travel journal and it'll remind me of a special, long lost memory. A small conversation I had with a local, a beautiful flower that I've never seen before, the sounds of a new city, are all things that are easy to forget but truly make you smile once you read it again in your journal.

10. Bucket List Scratch Off

There's nothing like the feeling of reward you get from crossing off an item on the bucket list. My bucket list scratch off poster is one of my favorite pieces of home decor and a great motivation to get out there and have an adventure.

There are so many customized variations of bucket list scratch off posters made by Enno Vatti, from "US National Parks" to "100 Places to Go", which would be the perfect Christmas gift idea. They also sell scratch off maps!

11. Cameras & Photography Gear

The whole point of traveling is to create memories that you will cherish for life, and what better way to do that than to gift someone the opportunity to memorialize a moment forever? From GoPros to Polaroids to drones, there are so many wonderful photography related gift ideas that suit your price range. For those on a budget, even buying a $20 Walmart disposable camera makes great gifts for travelers.

For that person who already has every type of camera, there are still many options to consider, like:

💚 Tips to remember when thinking of Christmas gifts for travelers:❤️

What's great about these gifts is that you can personalize it to suit your loved one. Whether its travel bottles or stickers, get one that truly speaks to them. Remember that the sentiment behind the gift often holds more value than the gift itself, so whether it's a practical gift or an adorable accessory, that little traveler in your life will appreciate it if it's with love.

Happy shopping!


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